For the do-it-yourself crowd, the folks who like to be prepared with extra equipment, not to mention our friends in the construction and contracting business, Action Jackson has a great selection of plumbing equipment for sale. From pipes to sinks, we have a wide variety of items to fit the needs of any and all customers.


Commercial plumbing equipment for sale can include things like:

  • Pipingpipes-yellow2
  • Faucets
  • Sinks
  • Drains and Drainage Equipment
  • Valves and Pumps
  • And Much more!

Rather than trying to figure out what equipment and tools you, your business, or your builder will need, come to the experts who hold years of experience in this area. If you are unsure what type of pipe will work best for you building, or need help deciding between faucets or sink fixtures, we can help with that. It’s our business, and we are happy to help the Seattle area with any plumbing equipment questions and needs.

Action Jackson is happy to help out with any and all of your wants and wishes. A proud, family-owned Seattle business, give us a call today to tell us about your project and see why working with us will be the best decision for your plumbing projects!