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When it comes to dealing with clogged drains, Action Jackson Drain Cleaning and Plumbing is the best in Seattle. Our family-owned business works with all kinds of residential and commercial customers to quickly and effectively solve drain blockage problems. When your plumbing isn’t working properly, it’s important to have an affordable, trustworthy option for getting it fixed. The team at Action Jackson Plumbing in Edmonds carries the most dynamic technology for getting the job done, but we still maintain a commitment to competitive pricing that our clients love. Call us today — we’d love to earn your business and show you exactly why we have such a great reputation around Seattle.

Plumbing Technology For All Situations

When it comes to your typical toilet, shower, and sink drain cleanings, a standard cable cleaning is usually enough to get the job done. However, for drain clogs that just won’t budge, or for mainline and sewer drain cleaning, you need an entirely different type of tool. Enter the hydro jetter — the cable snakes bigger, better brother. A hyrdo jetter is specially designed with a rotating head, and a pressurized nozzle set that pumps water into your pipe at up to 4,000 psi, giving it the ability to clear the toughest clogs in the largest drains. It’s even powerful enough to cut through tree roots and mineral buildup, leaving your drain completely clean and clear.

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At Action Jackson Drain Cleaning and Plumbing, drain cleaning is our specialty. No matter the drain and no matter the difficulty of the clog, we have seen it — and we have solved it. If you live in Seattle and are having problems with drains that are slow, backing up, or making strange sounds, let the experts at Action Jackson Plumbing come out and take a look. We promise only the most professional, courteous, and effective service to our clients. Call today.