Fast, Effective Drain Cleaning Experts

From the kitchen and bathroom sinks to the shower, toilet, downspout, and even main sewer line — there are lots of drains in your home that can become clogged. Each different drainage system clog presents its own unique set of challenges and tools that are required for a fast, effective fix. At Action Jackson Plumbing in Edmonds, we have seen and done it all when it comes to clogged drains. We can fix any drain in your home quickly and get you back to business as usual. We even help with jewelry recovery.

Don’t take the risk of overexerting on a pipe or using the wrong tools and supplies — both of which can lead to costly repairs and lots of frustration — call Action Jackson Drain Cleaning and Plumbing today and get the job done right by a team or local professionals.

Our Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Our family owned and operated drain cleaning and plumbing company have been serving Seattle for years and we take pride in being a local industry leader when it comes to drain cleaning and clog removal. Read below to learn more about the most common services that we help Seattle residents resolve on a regular basis. Have questions about something you don’t see or another one of our professional plumbing services? No problem. Contact our friendly team today and get the answers you’re looking for. We look forward to helping you.

Clogged Drains and Pipes

Although a drain clog might seem like a minor plumbing problem on the surface, getting it taken care of quickly can save you lots of money. Anything from solid food waste to tree roots could be the cause of your clog. Let Action Jackson Drain Cleaning and Plumbing come out and take a look to make sure that your drain lines are clear and not at risk of an emergency plumbing catastrophe.

Pipe Snaking

Pipe snaking is a great way to effectively clear a drain clog in your residential plumbing system but it’s not as easy as it looks. Bends in the pipe and not clearing it completely can put you back where you started minutes to days later. Let the professionals at Action Jackson Plumbing take care of this invaluable service for you.