If you’re interested in keeping your pipes clean and drains unclogged, there are several drain cleaning options to choose from. Not all drain cleaning solutions are created equal, however. So it’s important to know what your options are, which ones fit your situation, and how to choose a plumbing contractor for your job.

At Action Jackson Plumbing, we’re on a mission to keep your plumbing maintained and clean so that you don’t have to worry about it. We’ve been in business for more than 20 years, serving Edmonds and the surrounding communities throughout Seattle with top-tier plumbing services. If you’re in need of plumbing services at any point in time, feel free to give us a call, or submit a form through our website.

Drain Cleaning Options

You have multiple drain cleaning options to unclog your pipes, but which one is the best for your situation? It can be tough to choose between a handful of options that offer dozens of solutions. For example, drain cleaning chemical has nearly two dozen brands you can choose from. Which one of these brands is the best and why? If you don’t know, how do you make a decision? This type of plumbing confusion can be overwhelming and is what the team at Action Jackson Plumbing wants to help relieve.

Here are your common drain cleaning solutions:

  • Hot water
  • Baking soda and vinegar
  • Bent wire hanger
  • Snake
  • Wet & Dry vacuum
  • Chemicals
  • And many more

You may have discovered that these drain cleaning solutions don’t work every single time. And if they don’t work consistently, how do you take care of your clogged pipes and drains? The first step is to stop rinsing most things down your drains.

11 Items to Never Rinse Down Your Drain

If you’re constantly trying to clear your drains so that they drain properly, you may have a bigger issue. On one side of things, you may have a deeper plumbing issue that needs to be addressed. On the other side of things, you may be putting things down your drains that are causing your plumbing issues. Here is a quick list of things you don’t want to put down your drains:

  1. Kitty litter (even if it’s flushable)
  2. Coffee grounds
  3. Eggshells
  4. Oils, grease, and fat
  5. Produce stickers
  6. Paper towels
  7. Cotton balls
  8. Cleaning fluids
  9. Medication
  10. Hygiene products
  11. Paint

The Ultimate Drain Cleaning Solution

Do you ever wonder why there isn’t a drain cleaning solution that works all the time every time? It can be tough to accept that the entire plumbing industry has yet to figure out how to unclog drains easily and efficiently. And you’re frustrated because you may need to call out a plumber more than once for the same drain clogging problem.

What if Action Jackson Plumbing could offer you a comprehensive drain cleaning solution that worked every time?

Introducing hydro jetting, a drain-clearing solution that uses high-pressure water jets to bust through clogs quickly and easily. Hydro jetting gets rid of clogs without all the hassle of snakes, chemicals, or vacuums. It’s a fast and easy solution to one of your more disliked plumbing issues.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a high-pressure water hose that blasts clogs from drains faster than a rocket can launch to outer space. Using water pressure near 4,000 psi, your clogs will disintegrate without damaging your home plumbing. What’s more, the hydro-jetting process is clean, safe, and won’t force you to call your plumber back in a week for the same clogging issue (unless you rinse any of the items listed above down the drain).

When to Call for Hydro Jetting Services?

As soon as you get a clogged drain. What’s great about the Action Jackson Plumbing team is that they don’t just show up and jet your pipes. They take the time to inspect why your plumbing may be clogged in the first place.

Their inspection will determine if you’re rinsing the wrong things down your drains and if you need more serious plumbing services to resolve any existing issues.

The best part about this process is that Action Jackson Plumbing is on your side. We want your home plumbing to work properly and efficiently so that you don’t have to think about it.

What Are the Benefits of Hydro Jetting?

You will find that hydro jetting is an extremely effective way to unclog drains and get your home plumbing back into working order. Here are the benefits of hydro jetting:

  • Blasts through clogs in a flash
  • Removes developing or dangerous blocks
  • Versatile drain clearing solution for all pipes
  • Clears pipe walls from corrosion and grime
  • What Do You Need for Your Clogged Pipe?

Now that you know of all the options to get your drain pipes cleared, it’s time to consider what you actually need to get the job done. For most, you may give a snake or chemicals a try to clear your clogged pipe. But what happens when it comes back in a week or two? Do you try the same method and expect a different result? Most do. However, what you can do is trust your local plumbing contractor serving Edmonds to find you a solution. Depending on your drain clog, you may need other plumbing services to resolve it.

Choose Action Jackson Plumbing

After more than 20 years serving Edmonds with superior plumbing services, Action Jackson Plumbing knows how to take care of clogged drains. Our hydro-jetting service is great for homeowners who aren’t sure why their drains continue to clog. Contact us today to schedule your plumbing service appointment.