Many people are surprised to learn that Action Jackson plumbing offers professional drain cleaning services. Isn’t a slow or clogged drain just a sign that you need to dump some store bought drain cleaner down it? If it’s really bad, you can just go to the hardware store and pick up one of those drain snaking things and get it fixed up in a few minutes, right? Wrong. Even though we don’t think about them until something’s wrong, drains are a very important part of the overall hygiene of your dwelling. What do you think would happen if you didn’t have a way to get rid of grey or black water in your home automatically? Disaster, that’s what. Stop a smelly, unsanitary problem before it starts. Watch for these signs you need professional drain cleaning, and call Action Jackson Plumbing immediately if you notice anything that looks suspicious.

1. Slow Drain Speeds

So it takes a few minutes for your bathtub to drain after you take a shower. So what? It still eventually drains away. That’s good enough, right? Nope. Water should disappear within a few seconds of you shutting off the faucet. Furthermore, it should drain away constantly during the entirety of your showering routine. There shouldn’t be inches of water building up around your feet while you’re shampooing your head. Slow drain speeds are the very first warning sign that buildup is occurring in your drain. Calling Action Jackson Plumbing immediately at this point ensures that the professional drain cleaning process will be quick and easy.

2. You Get Clogs On A Regular Basis

Do you keep drain cleaner under your sink because you’re often struggling with clogs in the kitchen and bathroom? If you’re experiencing completely stopped up drains on a regular basis, it’s a sign that the buildup in your drain system is getting progressively worse. It’s especially bad if it’s always the same drain that’s getting clogged. This means that whatever you’re doing to alleviate the task on your own isn’t working, and you definitely need to call Action Jackson Plumbing for professional drain cleaning.

3. Your Drain Smells Bad

Are you constantly wondering what smells bad in your house? Do you find yourself sniffing the trash can or looking for the rotting food in the refrigerator? Let us help you. Go over to your sink, lean down close to the drain, and take a big sniff. Yup, that’s what we thought. If unappetizing smells are wafting up from your drain, it’s probably because your P-trap is crammed full of nasty food leftovers. And they’re rotting. Better call Action Jackson Plumbing for some professional drain cleaning to make sure it’s all removed.

4. Your Drains Have Never Been Professionally Cleaned

How long have you lived in your house? Five years? Ten years? In that span of time, on how many occasions have you had someone out to mow your yard, clean your gutters, or vacuum out the air ducts? Probably at least once. Now how many times have you had your drains professionally cleaned? The funny thing is, you use your drains every day, year in and year out, people are always shocked that they would dare to slow down or get clogged.

Don’t get mad, get some cleaner pipes! Call Action Jackson for prompt professional drain cleaning today.