There are many misconceptions out there about plumbing, and unfortunately, some of them will cost you. It is unclear how these rumors start, but here, we will debunk them for the sake of your plumbing.

Myth: Putting a brick in your toilet tank will save water.

The issue with this common claim is the brick will deteriorate as time goes on, and this will cause other parts of the toilet to break. As a result, this trick only works for a short period of time, and can actually backfire if you displace too much water, causing you to have to flush twice. In order to use this successfully, you have to place the brick so that it extends above the water-level line.

Myth: You can flush wipes down the toilet.

“Flushable” wipes are actually quite detrimental to your plumbing. They do not biodegrade like toilet paper, so they end up stacking up and clogging the lines. Just because something will physically flush down the toilet does not mean that it should be. Throw away any wipes in the garbage, not in your toilet.

Myth: Leaky faucets are normal and can be ignored.

Many people believe that a faucet that occasionally leaks is not a big deal. The truth is that a leaky faucet is not only costing you money, it is detrimental to the environment. It is approximated that, nationwide, faucet leaks waste more than one trillion gallons of water every year. It is worth it to get a leak fixed the moment you notice it because you will save money on your water bill and save your sink from being worn out by leaking water.

Myth: You should run water while using your garbage disposal to make it work smoother.

There is a misconception out there that if you run water while using the garbage disposal, it will run smoother and you will be able to put anything down the drain. However, there is nothing that can help certain things to go down the drain. Hard or thick items like peels and rinds can damage your disposal. If you are going to put these items in your disposal, break them down first.

Myth: There is no maintenance necessary for your plumbing fixtures.

This attitude can actually cause a lot of serious problems. It is important that you have regular plumbing maintenance performed to ensure that you cause serious damage to your plumbing through neglect. Serious repairs such as sewer line replacement are much more expensive than regular maintenance services. Consider hiring Action Jackson Plumbing for our plumbing maintenance services.

Myth: In-tank toilet cleaners are helpful.

In-tank toilet cleaners can actually be detrimental to your toilet. If they contain bleach, continuous exposure to bleach can actually corrode your toilet. Additionally, the build of bleach does not actually clean your toilet. Consider using a natural toilet cleaner like vinegar instead.

Myth: You should clean your bathroom fixtures with soap.

Soap actually corrodes your fixtures over time. Try using a natural solution such as lemon and baking soda instead. If soap does get on your fixtures, wipe them off thoroughly.

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