Everyone who has ever rented or owned a home or apartment has dealt with the problem before. Sometimes the problem is fairly easy to solve. Some cleaner — possibly a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove a collection of hair. However, sometimes the clogged drain problem you are dealing with is well beyond your abilities and you are in need of professional drain cleaning services from a local pro. 


In today’s blog from Action Jackson Drain Cleaning and Plumbing in Edmonds, we will cover five different signs that you may be dealing with a pretty serious drain clog — or possibly even a damaged drain pipe. Either way, discovering that these conditions are present in your home justifies a call to the local drain cleaning specialists in your area.


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Slow Drainage

Whether it’s a shower drain, a tub drain, or a sink drain, the drains in your home should quickly and effectively carry spent water away from your home and into the safety of the sewers. When this isn’t happening the way it should be, you may notice that your drains are slow to empty.


Sometimes a slow drain can be a simple matter. In the case of the tub or shower, hair and soap that have become clumped together often are the culprits of slow drains. Removing them can be easy if the blockage is high up in the drainage pipe and you have the right tools. However, some blockages from much deeper in your drainage system and these can be impossible to remove without the proper tools and training.


If you notice that a drain is emptying slowly despite your efforts to remove any immediate or visible blockages, we strongly recommend calling a local drain cleaning company to help before the problem gets any worse.

Standing Water

Standing water in a sink or tub is a bad sign, to say the least. Standing water that refuses to drain away usually means that a slow drainage problem was allowed to worsen and worsen until the entire drain was completely blocked. 


Aside from preventing you from using the sink or tub until the problem is fixed, a completely clogged drain can build up weight that puts undue pressure on your drainage pipes. Unlike water pipes that carry pressurized water into your home and are made of copper or other metals, your drainage pipes are almost assuredly PVC with a joint compound holding the angles and elbows together. This system isn’t meant to support the weight of a clog and can become damaged if the buildup is allowed to continue.


The best thing to do is to stop procrastinating and call Action Jackson Drain Cleaning and Plumbing in Edmonds. Your home is crying for help — let the pros step in to fix the problem.

Multiple Slow Drains

Another bad sign is when you have multiple drains in your home that are evacuating water at a snail’s pace. Although there is a mathematical chance that this is purely coincidence and that all of the slow draining problems can be fixed quickly and individually, odds are that there is a deeper and much more significant problem lurking in your plumbing system.


When you are experiencing multiple clogged drains in your home, what you are most likely looking at is actually single, a deep clog in your drainage system. This could be caused by a collapsed pipe, penetration of tree roots into your system, or simply by an accumulation of gunk and debris over time. In the case of multiple clogged drains, it is crucial that you get in touch with a drain cleaning specialist right away. Your plumbing system is almost certainly under tremendous strain.

Unsavory Odors

Another tell-tale sign of a drain clog that might require professional drain cleaning services to remove is an unsavory odor emanating from your sink or tub area. Oftentimes, these odors can be hard to pick up on, especially if you start running water before stepping over the drain. Other times, the smell of a foul and clogged drain can hit you as soon as you walk in the door.


These smells are can be caused by a number of different situations in your drain, but always remember that your plumbing system is built with vents, pea traps, and other subsystems that are designed to keep the bad smells of the sewer at bay. If your drain smells bad at all, there is more than likely a problem that needs to be dealt with.

Unusual Sounds

The final thing to look for — or rather, to listen for — is unusual sounds coming from your drain as water is evacuated through the pipes.  Slurping, gurgling, and dripping sounds are not normal and should be examined by a professional drain cleaner as soon as possible. 


Even though a noisy drain may still drain, it is a clear sign that a serious blockage is forming in your system. Rather than wait until the entire drain pipe is blocked and you are at risk for plumbing damage, get ahead of the problem and have it cleaned and cleared right away.

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