As a homeowner and parent, you want the best for your child. Your home is a safe haven for them to grow and flourish into young adults. But they seem to have a curiosity with flushing things down the toilet.

The pulling of the toilet lever, the rush of water, and the mystery of items never returning have them fascinated. So, what do you do when you discover your toilet is flooded and your child is staring up at you with pure joy on their face? You call Action Jackson Plumbing for home plumbing services. A toy, shoe, or a feminine product being flushed down the toilet can cause a clog, but you want to make sure to treat the clog with the proper method.

Using chemicals to clear a toilet clogged by your child’s shoe won’t work; it will simply cause damage to your plumbing. In an effort to help you understand what your child may be able to flush down the toilet, we’ve created this article for you. And if you ever need plumbing services, whether you have clogged toilet or a busted pipe, give Action Jackson Plumbing a call.

What May Be Clogging Your Toilet

Now that you’re aware your child is flushing things down the toilet, it’s time to discuss what those things may actually be — since after they’re flushed, you won’t know what they are until we come remove them for you.

#1. Dental Floss

While dental floss is a thin, stringy substance, it can get caught on old, rusty pipes, which causes a clog over time. Dental floss is kind of like an extension cord. Grandad always used to say, “If you ever want to catch something, drag an extension cord around.” Inside the pipe, the dental floss will act as a “net” and catch things, causing a clog. Your child may not know this, but dental floss is typically small enough for a child to handle and easy enough to toss into the water.

#2. Dryer Sheets

First, dryer sheets are hazardous to treatment facilities and local watersheds. Flushing these sheets can cause quite a few problems, if they make it away from your home. Second, if a dryer sheet makes it into the toilet and flushed, it can catch somewhere in your pipes and can easily cause a blockage. While you may not know how you child got a hold of a dryer sheet and delivered it to the nearest toilet, the sheet can still have some devastating effects on your plumbing.

#3. Feminine Products

Under the sink or next to the toilet is where many keep their feminine products. Children are curious beings, and they’ll go rummaging wherever they can to find something new to inspect. That means when they find your feminine products, those products may end up in the toilet. Some products are labeled “flushable,” but the truth is that a majority of products are not flushable — and even if they are “flushable,” it doesn’t mean you should still push that lever down and wave goodbye to them. In fact, more toilets clog each year due to feminine products than any other item on this list.

#4. Tissues and Paper Towels

Runny noses, spilled liquid, and other messes can be cleaned up with tissues or paper towels. In most bathrooms, the tissue is on the counter. In most kitchens, paper towels are on a rack somewhere. But where do you store both products? Under the sink? Your child may pull a roll of paper towels or box of tissue out and decide to see how they look in the toilet water. For most children, they see a magical bowl of mystery they can throw things into and make them disappear. And who said kids weren’t magicians? Paper products of any kind that are not dissolvable may eventually cause a clog. While some of these paper clogs can be cleared, chemicals can harm your pipes, which leads to more serious plumbing service repairs.

#5. Diapers

If you’ve ever been a toddler wearing diapers (hint: we all have), you’ve removed your own diaper and hidden it from your parents. Some children try — and some successfully — flush their diapers down the toilet. This can be detrimental to your home plumbing and your child’s safety. A clogged toilet can overflow and wet the floor where your child is standing, creating a slip hazard that is hard to avoid for the little one. If you’ve discovered a flooded toilet, turn the water off, and call your local plumbing company.

Action Jackson Plumbing: Your Top-Rated Local Plumber

Whether your child flushes floss or paper towels, you want to make sure your home plumbing doesn’t stay clogged for too long. Not only will you need to call us for plumbing services, but you will want to avoid any future plumbing repair costs. Don’t make a clogged toilet a future-you problem. Give Action Jackson Plumbing a call today to inspect or unclog your home plumbing — even if your child happens to be a magician prodigy.