When it comes to residential plumbing services, a sewer inspection isn’t usually the first thing at the top of people’s minds. Typically, things like drain cleaning, pipe replacements, and bathroom hardware installations are pre-eminent thoughts in people’s minds. You may actually not even be familiar with what a sewer inspection is.


In today’s blog from Action Jackson Drain Cleaning and Plumbing in Edmonds, we will discuss what a sewer inspection is and cover three different situations where you might find yourself needing or wanting one for the sewer lines at your home. Call us today to schedule a sewer inspection for your home.


Sewer inspections involve running a digital camera into your sewer drains to look for blockages, damage, and signs of wear and tear. Without an inspection, there is no way to know what problems might be developing. Here are three common situations where plumbers agree that you should hire a local professional for a sewer inspection.

Cracked Or Collapsed Sewer Pipes

Although you won’t know that this is the problem at first, a crack or break in your sewer line will present some noticeable sounds, smells, and problems that will more than likely cause you to call for help.


The sewer lines that run from your home to the municipal sewage system around you are not all made equally. Older sewer pipes, pipes made from subpar materials, and pipes that were produced with minor flaws are all the more prone to cracking and breaking. However, chances are good that you don’t really know what kind of pipes you have, so look for the following troublesome signs of damaged sewer pipes.


Damaged sewer pipes can cause terribly bad odors of sewage and gas. This is commonly combined with slow drains or total blockages. Additionally, you may experience sewage back up and overflow in your home. 


Signs outside of your home can include sunken patches of lawn, concrete, or pavers. In the case of your grass, sewer line damage can produce extra green and fertile patches compared to the rest of your grassy space.


In some severe cases, damage to the foundation of your home, sinkholes, and localized swampiness can also be signs of a sewer line problem. If you’re experiencing any of these, call a professional sewer inspection team right away.

Root Growth and Damage

While the symptoms of root damage to your pipes are virtually identical to those that occur when a pipe collapses or cracks on its own, root damage is caused by trees on and around your property. Over time, tree roots are more than a match for metal piping, and slowly but surely, they can work their way into the pipe where they can cause a serious blockage.

Home Buying Inspections

One of the times that the sewer inspection pros at Action Jackson Drain Cleaning and Plumbing strongly recommend ordering a sewer inspection is when you are looking to purchase a new home. 


When purchasing a new home, most people hire an inspector to check the roof, the interior plumbing, the crawlspace, the electrical, and heating and cooling units. But, how many people hire someone to inspect their sewer? Your sewer line is your responsibility, and the home you’re buying could be hiding thousands of dollars in repairs that you don’t know about. A simple sewer inspection can prevent you from being caught off guard.

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