In our modern society, convenience is a main focus. While modern innovations have made shopping for groceries and finding a ride much easier, the same technology does not apply to your porcelain throne. We’ve all done it: you have an item or some refuse that needs to be thrown away in a proper receptacle, yet the alluring convenience of an open toilet is too much to resist. Flushing the wrong products down your toilet can prove to be a very costly mistake. From minor clogs to damaged pipes and environmental pollution, putting those items down your plumbing is risky. For those who are in need of an emergency plumbing company in Edwards, Action Jackson Plumbing is here to help! Our commercial and residential plumbers help Washington residents with comprehensive service that aims to exceed your high expectations. Today, we’ll preview a few products that should not be taking the porcelain express. If you are in need of professional local plumbers at any time of day, be sure to contact Action Jackson!

  • Paper towels. Unfortunately, the logic that similar paper products work equally well in water is prevalent, equating to a high number of paper towels being flushed. Not only is this a wasteful practice both economically and environmentally, it can also wreak havoc on your home or business’ plumbing. Paper towels are not designed to break down in water, creating a solid mass that can quickly clog pipes. Calling a professional plumber for rooter services will be a good fix, but why not avoid it altogether?
  • Diaper wipes. Being sure to include adult wipes as well, moist towelettes are a leading concern for plumbers nationwide. Bathroom wipes are marketed as a clean, effective alternative to toilet paper that is marketed as breaking down and degrading the same amount as said paper. However, more and more evidence has come out to show that many diaper wipe products are not flushable, quickly creating clogs and backups. While further improvements have been made by the bathroom wipe companies, there are still plenty of unproven items that can cause a lot of damage to your sewer lines. Action Jackson Plumbing recommends doing research before you buy one of these products. When in doubt, make sure that they don’t make it into your plumbing!
  • Dental floss. After you are done flossing your teeth, it is often all-too-tempting to simply throw that string in the toilet and walk away. Many Americans do this because they underestimate the destructive capabilities that one piece of floss can hold. Dental floss is actually not biodegradable, meaning that it will remain intact after being flushed. The result is a product that is able to wrap up other items passing through your sewer line, creating a risky situation in terms of clogs and backups.

The list of items that are not intended to be flushed is long, and that’s simply because nothing is meant to be flushed except for human waste and toilet paper. Many citizens are unaware of the risks of throwing their debris into their porcelain throne, causing a swatch of issues for homeowners. Next time, we’ll cover a few more major items that you should simply throw in the trash receptacle. Action Jackson Plumbing is here to help those who are facing issues with their home’s pipes. Our plumbing company in Edwards provides comprehensive services that aim to restore your life and minimize issues and costs in the process. Contact us today for a quote!