Whether you’re new in town and are working on establishing relationships with local home service professionals, or you are a longtime resident that has finally found yourself in need of residential plumbing services, having a local plumber you can trust is a big deal. Your home is your castle and having a residential plumber that you are comfortable having in your home and who you trust to do a good job for you removes a lot of stress that commonly surrounds plumbing problems.


In today’s blog, the residential plumbing experts at Action Jackson Drain Cleaning and Plumbing in Edmonds will provide some pointers on how to choose the right residential plumbing company for you and your Edmond home. To learn more about Action Jackson Drain Cleaning and Plumbing, visit our “About Us” page online or fill out a form to request a service appointment today.

Get Referrals From Friends And Family

The first place that we always recommend you start your search for the right residential plumber is with your friends and family who are also local homeowners. You can always trust that these folks have your best interests in mind and they aren’t faceless statements left on the internet by who knows who. That makes putting your faith in these referrals a lot easier and takes away a fair amount of the stress that comes along with finding a residential plumber you want to work with.

Look At A Plumbing Company’s Reviews

Once you have gotten a lineup of residential plumbers from trusted friends and family members in the area, it’s time to get online and do a little extra research. You can quickly and easily check out customer reviews online and across a variety of review platforms in just a few minutes. 


While many people are not the biggest fans of online reviews — skepticism about paid reviews and a lack of trackable identity are often at the heart of people’s mistrust — it is important to note that the vast majority of online reviews do come from real customers of the business you are researching.


Make sure to look for the following when considering a company’s reviews:

The number of reviews — The more reviews there are, the better able you are to trust the information you are seeing. Known as “the wisdom of crowds,” it is a well-established fact the more people who weigh in on a decision or question, the more likely the average response is accurate.

The average review rating — Another thing to look for is the average review rating. We’d much rather work with a company that has a 4.3 out of 5 rating with 642 reviews than a company that has a 5-star rating with only 12 reviews. The former shows consistency and execution across a lot of jobs while the latter doesn’t provide enough data to trust all the way. 

Common themes in the comments — When looking at reviews, make sure to read a couple of reviews of every rating from 5-star to 1-star. Look for common themes about timeliness, customer service, pricing, and pay particular attention to comments about how unforeseen circumstances were handled by the plumber.

Look For An Experienced Plumbing Company

To be clear, Action Jackson Drain Cleaning and Plumbing in Edmonds isn’t saying that there aren’t high-quality residential plumbing companies out there. After all, we were a young company once, too. However, years of industry experience tells you a couple of things that you just can’t be sure about with a newer company.


An experienced residential plumber has seen a lot and has likely overcome a number of tricky and unexpected situations — events that can easily happen when working on pipes underground and hidden behind walls. As such, an experienced residential plumber is much more likely to be able to fix your unexpected or unusual plumbing problems quickly, effectively, and affordably. Additionally, a seasoned plumbing company will probably have better equipment, better-trained plumbers, and a larger team to provide faster service.

Make Sure To Compare Pricing

By this point, you should be able to knock your list down to two or three local plumbers who look like good candidates for you and your home. Give them a call and ask about their services. Many plumbers charge a service call fee that can be rolled into any service that you need once they have identified the problem. Make sure to ask how much that charge, if there is one, costs. 


Additionally, make sure to ask what hourly labor rates are if you choose to hire them on. The cheapest option probably won’t do the best work, but ask the most expensive plumbing company to be able to justify why they charge more than the other guys.

Make Sure That They Are Licensed And Insured

We don’t need to explain this one very much. When you work with someone who is going to be completing work in your home that involves, plumbing, electricity, demolition, or construction, you absolutely have to insist that they maintain and can provide proof of insurance and licensing. Ultimately, these two important items are carried by companies to protect you and their employees. Without them, damages caused to your home or to people working in it may very well fall on you and your homeowner’s insurance.

Choose A Plumbing Company That Offers Emergency Services

The final thing to check before committing to a residential plumber to entrust your home’s well-being to is whether or not they offer 24-hour emergency services. While this typically isn’t the type of information that someone looking for help with a severely clogged shower drain seeks, when it does become an important thing to know, you’ll wish you did.


Should you ever experience an after-hours plumbing emergency, the last thing you want is a stranger in your house charging double labor for the emergency call and you have no idea what quality of work you can expect to receive. When you select a residential plumbing company that you know offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services, you can rest easy knowing that a friendly face and a trusted brand are there to help when you need it most.

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