Whether you are opening a brand new business looking for professional relationships to support your operations or a longtime business that finally has found itself in need of commercial plumbing help, having a local commercial plumber that you trust to do the job well and do the job fast is of the utmost importance. Even seemingly small plumbing problems can make your business grind to a halt, depending on what you do, and in a competitive market, you simply can’t afford that.


At Action Jackson Drain Cleaning and Plumbing in Edmonds, we understand the importance of top-notch commercial plumbing. After all, we hear directly from our customers what a difference it makes to have a trusted company on call for everything from maintenance to emergencies. In today’s blog, we will share the important things to consider when selecting the right commercial plumber to use for your business’ plumbing needs.


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Consider Using a Local Commercial Plumber

It’s easy to assume that we’re just speaking with a local plumbing company’s bias on this one, but hear us out. A local plumbing company offers a surprising number of benefits that we find are typically quite important to small business owners. 


First off, when you work with a local plumber instead of a franchise or national chain, you can be certain that the money you are spending is staying in the community that you also live and work in. That’s good for everyone. When you do business with a national brand, a portion of what you spend is going directly to franchise fees and media funds — usually somewhere out of state. These same fees can also result in you, the business owner, paying an unnecessarily high premium for commercial plumbing services.


Furthermore, a local commercial plumber is much more likely to be invested in doing good work for you. As a bootstrapped business, a local commercial plumber knows that his or her bread and butter comes from businesses in the area. If poor work is performed and not properly addressed, their entire company could be at risk if word gets around.

Make Sure To Choose An Experienced Plumbing Company

At the end of the day, most businesses run on fairly tight margins. Operations, utilities, payroll, and rent eat up a significant part of the monthly revenue, so the last thing you need is to pay a commercial plumbing repair bill that is higher than it needs to be. 


A less experienced plumbing company might not use the most recent technology, the best tools, or have the relationships or buying power to receive the best pricing on your project’s materials. All of this can be remedied by working with an established and experienced commercial plumber.

Ask About Whether They Offer Maintenance Plans

As we just mentioned above, many business owners — new to the task or not — are pretty budget-conscious when it comes to making decisions about how to manage and maintain their facilities. While this is typically a good idea, there are some areas where too much frugalness can actually cost you in the long run, and that’s a bad investment.


One of those areas is facility maintenance. No matter what kind of business you run, your commercial plumbing system is going to endure more wear and tear from customers and employees than a residential plumbing system receives from a family and its guests. It’s purely a matter of volume and frequency of usage. Waiting until it is apparent that something is wrong can result in costly problems that may have been avoidable. By hiring a local commercial plumber to provide you with a service or maintenance plan, you can catch most potential issues early and avoid major plumbing repair bills down the road.

Look For A Business-Minded Business To Work With

This one can be a little tricky, so we recommend asking around to fellow business owners in the community for a recommendation, but finding a business-minded commercial plumbing company to work with is more important than you might think. 


Here’s the thing — a plumbing system in need of repair is already a pretty big inconvenience for your daily operations. Having a commercial plumber who isn’t sensitive to the little business you can do during the repair won’t make the situation any better.


A good commercial plumber considers every project as if it was being done for his or her own business. They think about things like whether or not a repair can be done without interrupting customers, whether or not there is a more discreet way to still complete an effective repair, and they care about the appearance and conduct of their technicians while operating in and around your property.

Make Sure They Offer Emergency Services

Unlike a homeowner, who in the case of an emergency plumbing situation can typically just turn off the water to their home until the next day, a business owner needs an after-hours emergency dealt with so they can be open for business at nine tomorrow. That’s why it’s crucial that when you are considering a commercial plumbing company for your business, you ask whether or not they offer emergency services.


If you work with a plumbing company that doesn’t offer emergency services and something does happen, you’re stuck working with whomever you find first to solve the problem. This can present some problems as you likely don’t know the level of care, execution, or consideration you can expect from the emergency work that a different commercial plumbing company brings to its jobs.

Always Work With a Licensed And Insured Commercial Plumber

Believe it or not, there are plenty of commercial plumbing companies that operate without staying current on their licensing and insurance requirements. How do they get away with it? Simple. The vast majority of residential and commercial plumbing customers never ask whether a plumber carries a license and insurance. 


Even if they do, it is rare that a customer will ask the plumbing company to actually produce evidence of their claim. As such, plenty of businesses unknowingly put themselves at risk by hiring plumbers who have no way to cover the risk of injury to themselves or damage to your property. All of this leaves an unwitting business owner holding the bag when the bottom falls out of a project.

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