As the premier plumbing company in Edmonds, WA, we have seen it all. From clogged garbage disposals to cracked toilets, we have seen all sorts of plumbing mistakes, and happily fixed them efficiently and effectively. However, there are certain common plumbing mistakes we see that you should be aware of to save you the hassle of having a problem with your plumbing.

Overworking the garbage disposal

Many people are under the false impression that because it is called a “garbage disposal,” any garbage can go down there. However, garbage disposals are not infallible. When you cram too much waste down there, the blades will stop turning. It is common for plumbers to have to remove such food waste as watermelon rinds from disposals because the disposal cannot handle it. Avoid this problem by only putting small amounts of waste down your disposal at a time.

Using too much drain cleaner

Drain cleaners may clear out clogs well, but excessive use of these products can cause damage to your drains. The harsh chemicals typically found in these cleaners can eat away at the walls of your pipes. Try using a pipe snake to clear clogs, and consider a more eco-friendly alternative to drain cleaner, such as baking soda and vinegar.

Putting too much weight on fixtures

Shower fixtures are not designed to hold the weight of your heavy shampoo rack. It is common for people to use fixtures to hold far more weight than they can handle. When this happens, the fixture will snap right off. To avoid needing to replace your fixtures, do not rely on them to hold storage.

Flushing things that should not be flushed

This is an especially common problem in homes with children. Kids often think that it is funny to flush a toy down the toilet, which then gets stuck in the trap. If this happens, the entire toilet must be removed in order to retrieve it. Plunging does not usually help in these situations because it can aggravate the problem by pushing the object into the waste line.

Cranking the faucet handle

When you have a leaky sink, it may be your instinct to push or pull the faucet handle with a lot of force in attempt to stop the leak. However, this is not going to stop the leak, and may even break the handle. Save yourself the trouble by calling Action Jackson Plumbing to come and fix the leak for you, without breaking the handle.

Dumping construction material down the drain

Often times, homeowners will finish some sort of construction project, such as drywalling a hole in the wall, and then dump their materials down a drain. This is a mistake because the materials can harden and block the drain. Once these materials harden in the sink, you will need a professional plumber from Action Jackson to come in to clear it because a basic drain cleaner will not get it out.

When you experience plumbing problems, Action Jackson Plumbing can help. Contact our plumbing company in Edmonds, WA today!