As a homeowner, you will experience common plumbing leaks from time to time. Leaks from any plumbing fixture could hinder the flow of water in your home. However, your ability to know the source of the problem will help you take action before the problem gets worse.

At Action Jackson Plumbing, we are here to help educate our customers on common plumbing issues and what to do if you’re noticing signs of a plumbing problem. In this blog, we’ll touch on the most common plumbing issues we come across. 

Leaky Faucets

Most homeowners don’t think of dripping faucets as an issue. However, a leaky faucet could be a sign of a worn out washer or corrosion in your pipes. It’s best to call a plumbing company to take a look and ensure there isn’t a bigger problem festering.

Water Heater Leaks

Water heaters experience regular temperature changes, which can cause the seal to decay.  Water heater leaks are common around the pressure relief valve. If you hear a hissing sound around the tank and connecting pipes, that’s a sign that you have a leak in your water heater. 

Toilet Leaks

If you notice water leaking or building up around a toilet in your home, it’s likely due to a deteriorated flush valve or a broken fill. Seeing as having well-functioning toilets in your home is essential to the sanitation in your home, it’s recommended to contact a professional plumbing company to take a look and provide plumbing leak repairs to ensure it’s working properly.

Dishwasher Leaks

The dishwasher leak is a common plumbing problem we at Action Jackson Plumbing see in homes. Common causes of dishwasher leaks include issues with the connecting hose, a bad seal, and a clogged drain. 

If you have noticed any of the common problems listed above in your home, give Action Jackson Plumbing a call today! We provide exceptional plumbing services in Edmonds and the surrounding area, and we are here to help with all of your plumbing issues.