Running water is a luxury we may often take for granted. If you run into issues with receiving water in your home, you may be running into a problem with your main water line. In order to have running water, your home is equipped with its own main water line which connects to that of the municipal water supply. This plumbing system is crucial to clean water access, and if it falls victim to any problems, your home or business can suffer. Issues that result from a faulty water line can include things like:

  • Flooding or Back-Up
  • Water Damage in Your Home
  • Standing Water in Your Yard or Landscape
  • Less Water Pressure
  • Issues with Hot and Cold Water

A water main requires a professional plumbing hand. If you try to tackle this project by yourself, you could create other problems with the city’s plumbing system or further damaging your own. The Action Jackson team recommends calling a team of professionals to replace and repair your water lines, and we are prepared to take care of it.

Whether you need a simple inspection or a full replacement, the plumbing professionals here at Action Jackson Plumbing are ready to help you out. We are Seattle’s best plumbing services professionals and can handle any job from drain cleaning to full replacement. No matter your need, give us a call and we’ll take care of it!