Your home’s plumbing is used every day in numerous capacities. From showers to cleaning the dishes, you are consistently putting strain on and running materials through your pipes. It is very easy to be so accustomed to using and abusing your sinks and drains that you don’t often think about what is being pushed through them. Common items that can cause severe clogging issues in your plumbing system include things like:

  • Solid food waste
  • Fibrous food waste
  • Paper products
  • Hair
  • Grease
  • Tree Roots (yes, really)

clogged2photoWe understand that life happens and you cannot constantly monitor how you use your pipes or what may accidentally be flushed into them. There are some signs that can be dead giveaways that your drains and pipes are clogged. These include:

  • Gurgling sounds when draining
  • Overflowing toilet after plunging
  • Inability to drain

If you are experiencing any of these occurrences or something else that seems off, you could be in need of some professional plumbing services. Don’t wait, because prolonging getting your drains and pipes serviced can lead to even more damage.

To prevent long-term plumbing damage, get ahead of the curve and call Action Jackson Plumbing. Our plumbing service experts are capable of handling the most intense pipe and drain clogging in the Seattle area and we look forward to working with you!